The Road From Erin: Ireland’s Musical Legacy

By Various Artists

  1. Ductu Angelico
  2. O Mirum Admirandum
  3. Bugga Fee Hoosa
  4. Girls, Have You Seen George?
  5. Toss The Feathers
  6. The Fairy Dance
  7. The Green Gates
  8. Tam Lin
  9. The Silver Spire
  10. Cuimhne An Phiobaire
    The Misty Maids Of Galway
    The Absent-Minded Woman
  11. The Devil And The Farmer’s Wife
  12. The Dawn
    Piper On Horseback
    Bay Of Fundy
    Stoney Point
  13. Lament For Owen Rua
  14. Mild Mabel Kelly
  15. Daniel Kelly
  16. Castle Kelly
  17. Captain Kelly
  18. Lovely Willy
  19. Sandy’s Dilemna
    Monaghan Twig
  20. Guitar Reels
  21. Yonder, Westward, Is The Road She Went
  22. Carolan’s Welcome
  23. Continental Waltz In Dmaj
  24. The Rakes Of Kildare
  25. The Mist-Covered Mountain
  26. Lad O’Beirne’s

One comment

Dorian Recording Artists

This is a compilation of various artists from the Dorian Recordings label covering a wide assortment of Irish and American traditionals. I was particularly impressed with the all-women’s Ensemble Galilei performing ‘Cuimhne an Phiobaire / The Misty Maids of Galway / The Absent-Minded Woman’ from ‘The Mystic and the Muse’, and ‘The Kelly Set’ from Chatam Baroque with Chris Norman on ‘Reel of Tulloch’. The latter is comprised of ‘Mild Mabel Kelly (O’Carolan) / Daniel Kelly (O’Carolan) / Castle Kelly / Captain Kelly’.