Celtic Rhapsody: Sean McGuire with his Fiddle Orchestra Live from the National Concert Hall Dublin

By Sean McGuire

  1. Planxty McGuire
  2. Jackie Coleman’s
  3. Liffey Banks
  4. Peter’s Street
  5. The Mathematician
  6. I Am Asleep
  7. Farewell To Kilroe
  8. An Irish Air
  9. The Bee’s Wing
  10. McCormick’s
  11. Alister Frazer’s
  12. Danny Boy
  13. Gypsy
  14. Czardas
  15. The Man Behind The Bar
  16. The Mason’s Apron
  17. The Auld Fiddler
  18. The Other High

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This album’s title is actually ‘Celtic Rhapsody’ and was recorded in 1997.

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Sean MacGuire Live

This is available for about £4 on CD but I’ve just bought the same on DVD for £8.50 from AllCelticMusic. 2 hrs long and some astounding playing. This guy was Versatile!

The man behind the bar Reel

Does anyone have the sheet music or ABC notation for Sean maguire’s "the man behind the bar" reel? Or any info on where to find it?? Hard to beat Sean maguire….

More likely to be a misprint, isn’t it ? Have you compared it with "The Maid Behind The Bar" ?

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The Man Behind The Bar

hay there robbie i was a pupil of seans and i have the notes for this tune if you want me to email them to you
send me your address,sorry to tell you KENNY but the name is the man behind the bar and is nothing like the maid behind the bar

Fair enough….

…just a guess on my part. It’s not a tune I’ve ever come across, at least by that name. Would you like to post it here ?

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The Man Behind The Bar

ah sure we all make mistakes lol,i cant post it here as it is copyright to sean and there is a book being put out
soon of all his tunes and comps


Please be sure to let us know when it becomes available.

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The Man Behind the Bar

Hey Johnny sent u a message with email address to try get that music from you of that tune if you still have it….

Track 7…

…on my CD is not "Farewell To Kilroe", but one of Paddy Fahy’s reels.
Track 8 is a song in Irish Gaelic sung by Padraigin Caesar.
This is not a solo Sean McGuire CD, he is joined by his "Fiddle Orchestra", and was recorded on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

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Last track…

…isn’t "The Sligo Maid" [ as listed on the sleeve ], but the reel known as "The Other High Reel". I’ve just listened to the whole recording, and didn’t hear the "Sligo Maid" anywhere, so I’ve corrected the mistake.
Very sloppy sleeve notes - although the tunes are listed - as above - as 18 tracks, the CD has tunes grouped together to a total of 12 tracks. "Alister Frazer’s Reel" - by whom I suppose they mean Alasdair Fraser - is a version of the tune commonly known as "Tommy’s Tarbukas". Sean McGuire deserved better than this.

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"Celtic Rhapsody: Sean McGuire with his Fiddle Orchestra Live from the National Concert Hall Dublin -

- on his 70th Birthday"…