With A Lot Of Help From Their Friends

By Mary Custy And Eoin O’Neill

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  1. Up Against The Buachalawns
  2. Shandon Bells
    Condon’s Frolics
  3. Coleman’s March
  4. Terry Bingham’s Barndances
  5. Eileen Ni Riordain’s
  6. The Homecoming
    The Battering Ram
  7. The Whistling Postman
    The Stack Of Barley
    Off To California
  8. Across The Divide
  9. The Smuggler’s
    Sailor On The Rock
  10. John Watt Henry’s
  11. Karen Tweed’s
    The Cowboy
    The Stool Of Repentance
  12. Rodney Miller’s
  13. The Yellow Wattle
    The Piper’s Chair
  14. The Road To The Isles
    The Prodigal Son
  15. James Bryan’s
    St. Louis

Four comments

Mary Custy & Eoin O’Neill with a lot of help from their friends

I picked up this album simply because I’d never come across a solo or duet album of Mary Custy, who often appears as a guest in so-called “star” musicians’ recordings.

In this album, Mary and Eoin are joined by Miko Russell, Terry Bingham, Sharon Shannon, Kevin Griffin, and Ian Lamb. How gorgeous! (But please note they join one by one.)

The sound quality of this album is not so good, but all the more it makes an intimate feel. Really soulful and joyful recording.

Kevin Griffin’s Reels

The first one sounds like a version of Galway Rambler, and the second is probably Sheehan’s transposed in D.

Just got this from Custy’s to replace one I lost still as good as ever even though the recording is sometimes a bit rough round the edges. takes me back to Doolin in the mid 90s

“With a lot of help from their friends” - Mary Custy/Eoin O’Neill CD

I’ve been looking for this delightful album since my cassette version gave up on me a few years ago ; can anybody help?