The Heather Breeze Céilí Band: Lively Traditional Irish Music for Set Dancing and Listening

By The Heather Breeze Céilí Band

Four comments


Some of the details are subject to error. I’ll double check later but I just don’t have the time right now. The tune names were not given on the back of the cassette because it is intended for dancing. Here are the sets:

Tks 1-4 The Connemara Set
Tks 5-7 The Newport Set
Tk 8 Waltz
Tks 9-13 The Williamstown Set
Tk 14 Waltz
Tk 15 - 17 The Derrada Set
Tks 18-23 Castle Set (supposed to be Cashel set??)
Tks 24-26 Ballycastle Set

The music itself is fabulous. Great drive and rhythm. Nice tune selections too. I’ll try and ‘ainm’ those Gan Ainms.

I’ll comment more at a later stage.

The Heather Breeze Céilí Band - the musicians

Pat Friel - accordion
Liam Grealish - fiddle
Maria Lynn McHugh - piano
Padraig Morrell - banjo
Sean Bourke - drums