Caught In The Surf

By Sheamus Heneghan And Family

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Caught in the Surf

Sheamus is a fine gentle man who plays accordion (when I met him) with Matt Molloy in Westport. He and his family live on the Silver Strand where they run a B&B, and Sheamus is also a lobster fisherman out of Old Head near Louisburgh (Co Mayo).
His children also play with him in the local pubs etc. Try to find this album at Molloy’s pub in Westport.

The Cock and the Hen

I tried to comment here but was refused. What happened?

The Cock and the Hen

My comment that was refused was the version of the tune actually played By Sheamus and family.

The Cock and the Hen

I tried to paste it.
here is the retyped version
He plays it in Em

Caught in the Surf

Sheamus is indeed a gentleman and doesn’t mind playing the old chestnuts of tunes that are my repertoire when we are on holiday in Louisburgh. We’ve been learning quite a few of these tunes in Coventry, UK and they’re going down well.

I’m trying to get hold of a copy Any advice or contacts?


I would love to get a copy of this CD for my dad.

Where can i obtain it from?