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James Keane, Randal Bays and Daithi Sproule…3 who are no doubt at the top of their game musically, with their first recording since becoming a group.

Track 3 has the mystery reel that I was trying to find here as the first tune:

Track 9, is a different Geese in the Bog, discussed here:
This one I had to learn immediately..cracker tune!

I had the pleasure of hearing them live back in February of ’08
Track 12 was recorded live at this concert.

Track 13 is an O’Carolan piece you don’t hear too often-excellent

The Morning Mist

This is not the Morning Mist on the tune database here-this one was composed by James Keane.

I love this trio. I never expected they would make an album but had hoped they would. This is on my ‘to get’ list, but only after I get Conal O’Grada’s new recipe!

Track 7-last reel-Release date

Thanks for pointing out the tune Kenny.

Leaving the u out of humours kept it from showing up as a tune in the database, so I added it.

The official release date is October 14, even with two CD launches already under their belt. You’ll have to go to to get it.