Heartstring Sessions

By Arty McGlynn, Chris Newman, Nollaig Casey and Máire Ní Chathasaigh

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  1. Wild Goose Chase
  2. Tom Cronin’s Homework
  3. Song of the Harp
  4. I Ne’er Shall Wean Her
    The Priest in His Boots
    Tomás Ó Canainn’s
  5. Among the Heather
  6. Sir Patrick Bellew’s March
    The Red-Haired Irish Girl
  7. Saturday Night Shuffle
  8. Lament For Limerick
    Thomond Bridge
  9. The Yellow Barber
    Gold Rush
  10. A Mháire Bhán Óg
  11. The Shooting Star
  12. Reminiscing
  13. El Vals Argentino
  14. The Old Bush
    Spike Island Lasses
    The Crooked Road

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Heartstring Sessions

My, this is a cracker!

Released on Chris and Máire’s Old Bridge Music label (OBMCD18), this is a mix of studio and live tracks, traditional tunes and songs and new compositions.

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