The Fiddle Workshop

By Karen Steven

  1. Black Hoe
    Scotty’s Favourite
  2. Gan Ainm
    Duncan’s Trip To The Coal Mines
    Donald John The Tailor
    Alex Dan MacIsaac’s
    Johnnie Sullivan’s
    Primrose Lasses
    Lord Seaforth’s
  3. Miss Elizabeth Christine Dickson’s March
    Arrival Of A Precious Wee Gem
    Incitement For A Dorment Elkavox

One comment

Karen Steven tutor redording

This is quite a nice tutorial CD taking you through learning a few sets by ear. No dots accompany the CD 🙂

Some notes from her website:

"This is a double CD consisting of over 2 hours of recording. The recording begins with all 14 tunes performed in 3 sets on fiddle (Karen Steven) and piano (Anne Taylor). Eleven of the 14 tunes are traditional and the final 3 tunes are Karen’s own compositions. Players are guided through 14 tunes in a methodical phrase by phrase format. Each phrase is repeated 3 times and the CDs are suitable for players of all abilities.

The tracks can simply be repeated if more practice is required. The tuition focuses on learning by ear and allows players to work at their own pace. "