Kickin’ Up The Sawdust

By Ashley Hutchings & various others

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  1. La Russe
    Cadum Woods
  2. Buttered Peas
  3. Hullichan
  4. I’m Noo Awa‘ Tae Bide Awa’
    Rosin The Beau
    The Minstrel Boy
  5. The Belfast
  6. Tavern In The Town
  7. Danish Double Quadrille
    Old Comrades’ March
  8. The Rogue’s March
  9. Dorset Four-Hand
  10. Broken
  11. Speed The Plough
    Davy Knick-Knack
    Far From Home
  12. Cock O’ The North
    My Love She’s But A Lassie Yet

Four comments

“Kickin’ Up The Sawdust” ~ an Ashley Hutchings Production

From the back of the CD’s included booklet of notes:

"This album of tunes for dancing features traditional and revivalist musicians playing together (some of the latter using electronic instruments).

& those musicians are ~

Bob Cann ~ melodeon & dance calling
Jimmy Cooper ~ hammered dulcimer
John Tams ~ melodeon & mouth organ
Terry Potter ~ mouth organ
Michael Hebbert ~ duet concertina & synthesizer
Peter Bullock ~ clarinet, baritone sax, piano & synthesizer
John Rodd ~ Anglo concertina
Graeme Taylor ~ guitars, electric & acoustic
Ashley Hutchings ~ electric bass guitar
Michael Gregory ~ drums & tambourine

Available from: Beat Goes On (BGO) Records

You’d have to call or email, as it isn’t listed on their website…

Beat Goes On Records
7 St Andrews Street North
Bury St Edmunds
IP33 1TZ
Tel: 01284 724406
Fax:01284 762245

Bob Cann ~ a favourite on the melodeon

Bob Cann has been a favourite in this house since we first had the pleasure of hearing him squeeze dance out of his box. This is a fun recording, and as they claim on the CD case ~

Remastered from origianl master tapes
Additional sleeve notes (the booklet)
Faithfully restored artwork

Bob’s playing always brings a smile and fidgety feet, a need to dance…

Almost forgot to add the current price ~ £9.99 plus £1.00 for postage & packing…

“Kickin’ Up The Sawdust” ~ the dances & notes

The descriptions for the following dances are included in the booklet that comes with this CD.

- 1.) La Russe
- 2.) Buttered Peas
- 3.) Hullichan Jig
- 4.) Waves of Joy
- 5.) Heel-and-Toe Polka
- 6.) Tavern in the Town
- 7.) Double Quadrille
- 8.) Jumping Joan
- 9.) Dorset Four-Hand Reel
10.) Drops of Brandy
11.) The Tempest
12.) Cumberland Square Eight