How’s The Craic?

By Gary Innes

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  1. The Wee Purple Fella
    The Tiree Girls
    Massie’s Mountain Madness
  2. Angus Sutherland
    Willie Coleman
    Mrs C’s
  3. Filioro (song)
  4. Frank’s
    Mairtin O’Connor’s Flying Clog
    Jenna Reid Of Quarff
  5. Big J.D’s
    Maggie West’s
  6. Dr Allan MacDonald
    Capt Campbell
  7. Mishie’s
    Porto The Rat
    The Roaring Barmaid
  8. Tenessee
  9. Laura’s Wee Tune
  10. Catharsis
    Mince And Tattie Man
    Ewan Robertson’s Incredibly Large Dougal
  11. Oran Do Cheit (song)
  12. Colonel MacLean Of Ardgour
    Troon Sniper
    Hughie Innes’

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Gary Innes - How’s The Craic?

Gary Innes’ first solo album! (2005)

Gary Innes - accordion
Duncan Lyall - double bass
Martin O’Neill - drum kit, bodrhan
Darren MacLean - lead vocals
Simon Moran - fiddle
Jen Butterworth - lead vocals/backing vocals
Hamish Napier - whistles/flute/backing vocals
Donald Shaw - keyboards
Ewan Robertson - guitar
Fraser Stone - drum kit/percussion
Kathleen Graham - lead vocals/clarsach
Anna Massie - guitar/fiddle/electric guitar/mandolin/banjo
Duncan Nicholson - whistles/highland pipes/
scottish small pipes/uillean
Angus MacPhail - backing vocals

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Oh aye….

Solo ??? There’s enough musicians on there for a football team plus substitutes.

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i have seen garry playing a few times now! and yep it’s all about the craic indeed!!! 🙂
yep his famous words!!!
would love to hear this one in my player… hope to catch em soon!

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