Slán Le Loch Eirne: Stories to Tell

By Seamus Quinn And Gary Hastings

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  1. The Kiss Behind The Door
    Bonnie Ann
    The Granny In The Wood
  2. The Humours Of Ballyconnell
    Swinging On The Gate
  3. The Maho Snaps
    The Boys Of The Town
  4. Paddy Killoran’s Highland
    Hannah Mhici Mhicheail’s
  5. Farewell Dear Erne, I Now Must Leave You
  6. The New Copperplate
    Patsy Hanley’s
  7. The Bugle
    Number Five
  8. Edward The Seventh
    The Lark On The Strand
  9. The Shaskeen
  10. The Banks Of The Clyde
  11. Na Ceannabhain Bhana
    Dever The Dancer
  12. P. Flanagan’s
    Johnny Going To Ceili
  13. The Maids Of Castlebar
    The Morning Star
  14. Last Night’s Fun
    The Sligo Maid
  15. The Heel And Toe

Eleven comments

Slan le Loch Eirne

Peerless, subtle playing from the reelin’ revs. Ciaran Curran (Altan) - a mate of both from way back - produces and lends the occasional, understated hand on ‘zouk.


Having (mis)spent manys a musical weekend with Gary, Seamus and Ciaran way back when, this album, like a feed of bad stout, brought it all back up. Proof of Reverend Gary’s assertion that the music is about people and places. To my surprise, a few ould tunes I thought were sure to appear did not make it. Maybe next time. Some ould standards and some rarer stuff played in great style.

"Slán le Loch Eirne: Stories to Tell"

Cló Iar Chonnachta CICD 152

Seamus Quinn: fiddle, viola, melodeon, piano
Gary Hastings: flute
Charlie Lennon: fiddle
Ciaran Curran: bouzouki

"Seamus and I are great fans of the old 78" records and Seamus was brought up with them, that’s the reason we decided to do the album in that old style. We also feel there was a lot more freedom in the music on the 78" records than there is today, when there are far more restrictions on musicians in the way they play their music, and more emphasis on the way the music "should" be played." - Gary Hastings

"This lovely and thoughtful recording springs from the life-long friendship of two men of the cloth Reverend Canon Hastings and Father Quinn, from Belfast and Fermanagh respectively. Their flute and fiddle duets are played with spirit and virtuosity, and reflect a common love of music and the culture from which it springs."

"With Fife & Drum: Music, Memories and Customs of an Irish Tradition"

by Gary Hastings
Paperback & CD, 115pp, photos, music…
Blackstaff Press Ltd., 2003
ISBN-10: 0856407097
ISBN-13: 978-0856407093

"Reverend Gary Hastings is one of several well-known Irish men of the cloth who take their traditional music seriously. An excellent flute player himself, he was recently featured on the CD "Slan le Loch Eirne" with Father Seamus Quinn playing fiddle and piano. Although not a fifer nor a drummer, as he explains in his introduction, Hastings has chosen as his subject here the musical tradition of the Lambeg drum, primarily associated with the Orange Order in Northern Ireland. Although Hastings doesn’t shy away from the political associations this entails, he concentrates on the more purely musical aspects of the tradition, the instruments and performance practice. The text is followed by a tunebook of 70 fife tunes, and complemented with a 17-track CD containing recordings of performances and of conversations with practitioners."

"Blooming Meadows: The World of Irish Traditional Musicians"

Fintan Vallely & Charlie Piggott, photographs by Nutan
Town House & Country House, Dublin, 1998
ISBN: 1-86059-100-0

Pages 83 - 87: Gary Hastings