The Wheels Of The World, Early Irish American Music, Vol. 1

By Various Artists

  1. Back In The Garden
    The Flowers Of The Red Mill
  2. Rakish Paddy
    The Wheels Of The World
  3. The Rambling Pitchfork
  4. Lord McDonald
    Ballinasloe Fair
  5. The Tap Room
    The Moving Bogs
  6. The Morning Star
    Lawson’s Favorite
  7. The Steampacket
    The Morning Star
    Miss McCleod
  8. The Irish Girl
    The Blue Breeches
  9. Arrah, Come In Out Of The Rain, Barney McShane
  10. Ah Surely
    The Steeplechase
  11. The Maid In A Cherry Tree
  12. Maggie Pickens
    Cameron’s Wife
  13. The Jolly Tinker
  14. Gardiner’s Favourite
    Streams In The Valley
  15. Sailing Home
  16. Miss Langford’s
    The Milestone At The Garden
  17. The Tarbolton
    The Longford Collector
    The Sailor’s Bonnet
  18. I’m Leaving Tipperary
  19. On The Road To The Fair
  20. The Lady Of The House
    Ballinasloe Fair
  21. Money Musk
    Johnny Will You Marry Me
    Keel Row
  22. The Moving Bogs
    Miss Thornton
  23. Kilkenny For Me
    The Boys Of Ireland

Seven comments

Label and artists

The label for this cd is Yazoo, date 1997.

Not all the names of the artists showed up on the tracks I typed in.
List of artists matching to tracks:
1. John McKenna
2. James Morrison
3. Edward Mullaney/Patrick Stack
4. Michael Coleman
5. Peter Conlon/James Morrison
6. Frank Quinn/Joe Maguire
7. Patrick J. Touhey
8. Packie Dolan
9. James J. Mullan/The Four Provinces Orchestra
10. Paddy Sweeney/Paddy Killoran
11. Edward Mullaney/Patrick Stack
12. The Four Provinces Orchestra
13. Michael Carney
14. John McKenna/James Morrison
15. Frank Quinn/Joe Maguire
16. James Morrison
17. Michael Coleman
18. Pat White
19. The Flanagan Brothers
20. Packie Dolan
21. James Morrison Orchestra
22. The Flanagan Brothers
23. Martin Beirne And His Irish Blackbirds

Quality of recording

I really enjoy this compilation. It’s taken from old records from the 20’s and 30’s, so the quality isn’t always the greatest. That’s my only real complaint, and the opportunity to hear these old recordings far outweighs any quality issues. Also, the quality of some of the recordings is very good.

I wouldn’t expect “hi-fi” from stuff this old, it just wasn’t a possibility when the source recordings were made. Collections like these offer the average consumer an opportunity to hear how some of the old “greats” rendered the music without having to search high and low (or arm and leg) for 78s and cylinders in acceptable condition.

The sound quality here is condiserably better than the best quality 78s I have in my own collection. In fact, I think the producers and sound engineer whizbangs have worked a miracle by making them sound this clear and dare, I say, lush. To get the best reproduction, turn the steroe function off of your system and if you have an EQ, then play around with the boost and mid lows until you surprise yourself.

“and dare, I say, lush.”

I’m bad with commas.. should anyone find this, my career goes straight out the window.

Might as well…

I edited Volume 2 yesterday, so might as well repeat the exercise. The OP has included some musicians names in with the tune titles, which is unneccesary and could be misleading, so I’ll fix that. It might also be of interest to know the instruments being played on each track.
There are some real classic performances on this CD - James Morrison playing the 4-part version of “Rakish Paddy”, Michael Coleman’s performances on tracks 4 and 17, and of course the great John McKenna on flute on tracks 1 and 14.

1 - John McKenna [ flute ]
2 - James Morrison [ fiddle ]
3 - Edward Mullaney [ uilleann pipes ] & Patrick Stack [ fiddle ]
4 - Michael Coleman [ fiddle ]
5 - Peter Conlon [ button accordion ] & James Morrison [ fiddle ]
6 - Frank Quinn & Joe Maguire [ fiddles ]
7 - Patrick J. Tuohey [ uilleann pipes ]
8 - Packie Dolan [ fiddle ]
9 - James J. Mullan with The Four Provinces Orchestra [ song ]
10 - Paddy Sweeney & Paddy Killoran [ fiddles ]
11 - Edward Mullaney [ uilleann pipes ] & Patrick Stack [ fiddle ]
12 - The Four Provinces Orchestra
13 - Michael Carney [ uilleann pipes ]
14 - John McKenna [ flute ] & James Morrison [ fiddle ]
15 - Frank Quinn [ button accordion ] & Joe Maguire [ fiddle ]
16 - James Morrison [ fiddle ]
17 - Michael Coleman [ fiddle ]
18 - Pat White [ song ]
19 - The Flanagan Brothers - [ song, with guitar and jew’s Harp ]
20 - Packie Dolan [ fiddle ]
21 - James Morrison Orchestra
22 - The Flanagan Brothers
23 - Martin Beirne and His Irish Blackbirds

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Otherwise known as…

Track 8 - “The Irish Girl” is usually known as “The Daisy Fields”[ or “The Wild Irishman” ]. The 2nd reel sounds to me like a very unusual version of “Boil The Breakfast Early”.
Track 11 - is “The London Lasses”
Track 20 - more commonly called “The Woman Of The House”. The existing link is wrong.

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