Tuned Up

By Brendan Mulholland, Brendan Hendry, Paul McSherry

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  1. Fox In The Town
    In The Tap Room
    The Belfast Traveller
  2. Tatter Jack Walsh
    Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part
    Trip To Athlone
  3. The Killavil
    The Lost Ring
    Malcolm’s New Fiddle
  4. Shovel Tongue
    Swallow’s Tail
  5. In The Glibe Road
    The Bar Mouth
    Hendry’s On The Hill
  6. High Road To Linton
    The Humours Of Newcastle
  7. Magh Seola
    The Bel Harbour
  8. Catriona Morrison’s
    The Dreg’s Of Birch
    The Road To Taynuilt
  9. Johnny O’Leary’s
    The Boys Of Malin
  10. Mug Of Brown Ale
    Scatter The Mud
    Cul Aodh

Seven comments

ha!! very happy to see this here…
i’m a happy owner of this wonderful piece…
and now i can onlly hope to see the 3 horses live soon!

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Hey Brendan, thanks for the music. Great palying. Enjoy it very much!

Wonderful CD

Got the CD today and am listening to it now for the second time. It’s that good - full of fire, delicate beauty, and youthful exuberance and energy. This is great stuff. The flute playing in particular is fantastic. Strong, rhythmic, great clear tone and power. I love the punch in the second part of The Belfast Traveler.
I thought Tattered Jack was very fast but I hear the tune (and most jigs) at a leisurely pace. Ah, but the boys’ll slow down as they get older. Great transition into Happy to Meet. It’s great to hear just the flute and the fiddle dancing together on this track, without any accompaniment. It’s a lovely track. And I love the way the fiddle and flute come into the jigs on the third track at a slower pace. Beautiful playing. Very subtle harmonies – and a few originals - in limited quantity, which is as it should be.
This is great music, without fancy tracking or overdubbing or thumping bodhran or drum kit. It is hard to find fault with this and I wonder why it hasn’t received more recognition. This is ITM as ITM ought to be played.