Morning Dew

By Kings Galliard

  1. Sweeney’s
    Gan Ainm
  2. Whelan’s
    The Morning Dew
  3. Lamentation Of Owen Roe O’Neill
  4. Land Of Erin
  5. Morrison’s
  6. The Drunken Sailor
  7. O’Carolan’s Concerto
  8. The Foxhunters
  9. The Flute And The Drone
  10. The Spinning Wheel
  11. Princess Royal
  12. Dicey Riley
  13. Brian Boru’s March
  14. The Lark In The Morning
  15. Boulavogue
    Bantry Bay
  16. Winnifred
    Planxty Drew

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Morning Dew ~ DOLM5014

“Morning Dew” by King’s Galliard. Dolphin Records DOLM5014, 1976.

The band has several other LP’s, I don’t think any are still in print but used copies of the originals aren’t hard to come by in vinyl shops on the net.

A “galliard” is a dance for two, popular in Europe and especially France during the 17th century. As I am almost completely ignorant of dancing in any style, I can’t say if people are still dancing forms of the galliard or not. 🙂

I am more familiar with the word’s second definition, in English, denoting a lively personality and sometimes used sarcastically as a more endearing substitute for blackguard, or someone halfway between a dandy and a knave. Outside of the literary universe, the word is archaic and essentially obsolete.

Given these two definitions and the lively music between the covers, I find the group’s name to be rather humorous.

The group was from Holland, I think, although their label for this album is Irish.

Kate Wilson - harp, vocal
Lenneke Willems - fiddle
Jan Erik Noske - flute, tinwhistles
Jrn Plas - guitar, virginals, uilleann pipes
Frenk van Meeteren - mandoline, bouzouki, bodhran, spoons
and Adriaan van der Weel, featured vocalist in Dicey Riley.

The track list on the ‘details’ page is not faithful to the list on the album. Some of the sleeve’s original spellings were wonky, so those tracks were corrected or explicated in an attempt to link them with their tune files on this website. The “original” track listing is as follows:

01. Kerry Polkas
02. Whelan`s Jig/Morning Dew
03. Lamentation of Owen Roe O`Neill
04. Land of Erin
05. Morrison`s Reel
06. Drunken Sailer Hornpipe
07. O`Carolan`s Concerto
08. The Foxhunters
09. The Flute and the Drone
10. The Spinning Wheel
11. Princess Royal
12. Dicey Riley
13. Brian Boru`s March
14. The Lark in the Morning / Tinker`s Reel
15. Boulavogue / Bantry Bay
16. Winnifred / Planxty Drew

“Kerry Polkas” sound like two bog standard polkas, the first being Sweeney’s. I only play a handful of polkas (counting Sweeney’s among them) so if anyone has the album and would like to contribute the second title, please feel free to do so. But it shouldn’t be too difficult for me to sift out a phrase or two for an advanced search.

The “Drunken Sailer Hornpipe” [sic] is the same tune which everyone knows as The Drunken Sailor HP. I’m also lost on the O’Carloan titles.

It’s good music, nothing explosive but solid. The simple production stands out at times, you can hear the instruments instead of the soundboard. On the other hand, tape splices between jigs and reels belonging to the same set make it painfully obvious that each were recorded in separate takes. I give the group more credit, though, because recordings are notoriously unfair when it comes to documenting musical prowess.

King’s Galliard…

They were indeed from Holland. I have a photo somewhere of them playing on a stage in the centre of Buncrana at the All-Ireland Fleadh Cheoil in 1976. They were there in 1975 as well, as they appear on an LP record made at the Fleadh, which I believe included the first ever flute recording of Michael Flatley, who I think won the Under-18 competition that year. I’ll try to post that recording here next week.

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Re: Morning Dew

11 years later, the photo referred to above is now on the home page, bottom left.

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