The Galway Girl

By Sharon Shannon

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  1. The Galway Girl
  2. Blackbird
  3. What You Make It (da Da Da Da)
  4. Gaffo’s Ball
  5. Courtin’ In The Kitchen
  6. I’ve No Alibi
  7. Music For A Found Harmonium
  8. A Man Of Constant Sorrow
  9. Neckbelly
  10. A Song Of The Rosy Cross
  11. Libertango
  12. The Barrowburn
    Lexy MacAskill
    The Trip To Windsor
    Calum Fhionnlaid
  13. The Galway Girl

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Galway Girl

track 12a = Barrowburn

Sorry, my laptop froze at that point and I didn’t notice! Thanks for pointing that out domnull.


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Re: The Galway Girl

Sub-titled as “The Best Of Sharon Shannon”. It’s nothing of the kind in my opinion. Sharon Shannon is an outstanding player of Irish traditional music, mainly on accordion, but also equally at home on fiddle and whistle. This compilation album has 1 single traditional Irish tune on it, and much as I like the “Galway Girl”, and the collaborations with Jackson Browne and Kirsty MacColl, to call this “The Best Of Sharon Shannon” is verging on infringement of the trades description act.
Don’t waste your money on this - buy her first solo recording instead :

- also note that the album linked to her first recording is to another “Best Of” compilation, much better than this, but the original solo recording wins hands down, IMHO.