Third Flight Home

By Simon Thoumire And David Milligan

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  1. Major Graham
    General Campbell
    Charlie Warlie
  2. The Mermaid Song
    Happy Mother’s Day Clare McLaughlin
    Mary Walker
  3. The Bonny Lass Of Fisherrow
    Love In A Village
    The Ballachulish Walkabout
  4. My Mary
  5. Wedding In The Wild Forest, Part II
    Sir James Colquhoun’s
  6. Lady Jane Montague’s
    The Birks Of Invermay
  7. Elmo Lives Downstairs
    The Old Woman Tossed Up
    Galician Muineira
    Behind The Bush In The Garden
  8. The Caithness
    Johnny Groat’s House
  9. Improvisation
    Moch Madainn Cheitein
    Becky Taylor’s Audacity
  10. Welcome Christmas Morning
  11. The Kitchen Piper
    Third Flight Home
    Marvin Garnish

One comment

Outstanding 2nd Album

The wonderful second album from Simon Thoumire (concertina) and David Milligan (piano). Milligan’s jazz style fits wonderfully in with Thoumire’s exquisite playing.