Midnight May Monday

By Karen Tweed And Timo Alakotila

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  1. Hope
    Gerry Commane’s
    Back Home At Onsbäcken
    Sam’s Tune
  2. Moonbeam Passage
  3. Reverof
  4. Great Uncle Henry
  5. Ensuite Barn
    Spaghetti Panic
  6. Midnight MacMaster
  7. Opposite Angell Road
  8. The Carillion
    No Better Friends
  9. So Now Joe
  10. Timo’s
  11. Getingens Polska
    The Silver Slipper
    Trip To Dingle
    Orlando Polecat
  12. Lumen Valossa

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another amazing piece of work from this dynamic duo

Prepared to be amazed

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