The Floating Bow (Traditional Fiddle Music From Donegal)

By John Doherty

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John Doherty

Surely one of the most amazingly talented fiddlers to have emerged in Ireland, much of this recording was captured while Doherty was already well-advanced in years and yet the power, fluidity and intricacy of his fiddling belies his age.

From the opening bars of The Spirits Of Wine, through the jaw-dropping technical mastery of floating bow and dragging bow techniques in Miss Patterson’s Slipper, the cheeky Highland Pipes homage of the Enniskillen Dragoons set … artistry of the highest calibre.

And just to prove the point, listen to what Doherty does with that old standard "The Wind That Shakes The Barley"!

Available on Claddagh Records.

And what is bothering me….

Is the Madame Bonaparte played here after the Spirits of Wine really Another tune? I listen… and it sounds just like a typical Doherty Variation on Spirits of Wine…



It’s got a lot of tracks so we have a lot of examples of Doherty’s music. I suppose its an important album to have and certain good for picking up new variations and hearing the roots of tunes played by the likes of Paddy Glackin (who was very influenced by Doherty in his younger days).

Track 7

The march "Willie McLennan’s" on track 7 is clearly an epic variation of J. Scott Skinner’s composition "The Cameron Highlander". Should link correctly now. Fabulous recording by all accounts.