Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock Band

By Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock Band

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Especially for Ceolochan

I’ve not listened to this album for a while. There may be other unlisted tunes in some of the tracks here.

Please let me know and I can amend the listings accordingly.

Discussion: “Fluters of old Erin”

# Posted on November 7th 2008 by colfrain

I’ve had, or had in hand at one point or another, if not presently and if memory serves me right, a boxed set of 78s by "Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock Band" of music for a full set, see track 1, Figure 1…

That is one of the recent changes to TheSesh site, you can always come back here and update any details, including track listings, once you have them…

Thanks Johannes, much appreciated…

I have some of the tracks on this.

I hate that. All I have is bits and pieces…
Thanks for adding.