English Country Dances: Apollo’s Banquet

By Andrew Lawrence-King, David Douglas, Paul O’Dette

  1. Tom Scarlett
  2. Old Simon The King
  3. Another Division On A Ground By Mr. John Banister
  4. Moll Peatly, Or The Old Marrinett
  5. The Bear’s Dance
  6. Hunsdon House
  7. Sir Martin Marah’s
  8. Fy Nay, Prithee John!
  9. Paul’s Steeple, Or The Duke Of Norfolk
  10. The Glory Of The West
  11. The Mock Glory Of The West
  12. The Glory Of The Sun
  13. Faronell’s Division On A Ground
  14. Prelude
  15. Long Cold Nights
  16. Johnny Cock Thy Beaver
  17. Greensleeves
  18. Stingo, Or The Oil Of Barley
  19. Cockleshells
  20. Another Division On A Ground By Mr. P. B.
  21. The Queen’s

Two comments

I love Andrew Lawrence-King and his Harp Consort. He is a harpist and conductor who specialises in early music. I’m sure this is a nice recording, but is it really a meaningful addition to this website? His recording of O’Carolan’s pieces would deserve posting, though.