Golden Vanity

By Modesty Forbids

  1. Loftus Jones
  2. Boys Of Wexford
    The Boys Of Bluehill
    The Harvest Home
  3. Roseville Fair
  4. Dennis Murphy’s
  5. Off She Goes
    The Kesh
  6. Red Admiral Butterfly
    Miss Pringle’s
    The Teetotaler
  7. Hard Times
  8. Londonderry Air
    Liam O’Flynn’s
  9. Lord Franklin
  10. The Flowers Of Edinburgh
    Miss MacLeod’s
    Don Tremaine’s
  11. Si Bheagh Si Mhor
  12. Behind The Haystack
    Smash The Windows
    When Sick, Is It Tea You Want?
  13. The Half Door
    Johnie Mickey’s
  14. Golden Vanity

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Modesty Forbids-Golden Vanity

Recorded in 1990 on cassette. Lineup includes, Mike Baker, Roger Brundage, Pete Melton, Erik Sanderson, Bree Schultz and Glenn Schultz. CD-R available at