Wind and Reeds

By Paudie O’Connor And John O’Brien

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Very nice playing by both musicians, and a good selection of tunes. Pleasant surprise with a whistle duet on track 5.

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That’s a surprise ~ & I’ll start my short contribution by adding Paudie’s website:

I enjoy the music of both these fine musicians ~ John O’Brien on uilleann pipes & Paudie O’Conor on box ~ individually and together, and am glad to have this recording on hand to listen to, which I will again be doing today. Thanks for the reminder Kenny.

Another relevant recording I also enjoy and recommend:

“Paudie O’Connor: Different State”

“Paudie O’Connor And John O’Brien: Wind & Reeds” ~ Whistle tracks

5. ) reels x 2 ~ a duet with both John & Paudie on whistles

14. ) slides x 2 ~ John O’Brien on whistle & Paudie O’Connor on box

~ & me realizing, aside from comment, now added, that some connections also are lacking and need to be made, or transcriptions… That will be my pleasure… 😉

Track 1w0 misnamed?

After listening to “Forgotten Gems” by Carberry/McGovern - the reel beginning Track 4 (“The Road To Town”), I think the reel named “The Scartaglen” here is closer to that than other versions named Scartaglen. Check out the “Road To Town” versions at .

Perhaps these are both variations of the same tune, and could be merged?