What We Do

By Kathryn Tickell And Peter Tickell

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  1. Cuddy Clauder
    Cameron Highlanders
  2. Snowy Monday
    Kielder Schottische
  3. Tiger’s First Bird
  4. Here’s The Tender Coming
    Soundcheck Slip
  5. Alan & Catherine’s Wedding
    Music For A New Crossing (Part 2)
  6. Tam’s Auld Love Song
  7. Gypsy’s Lullaby
    Steve And Jenny
    Billy Pigg’s
  8. Willie’s Away To Jeddart
    Come With Happy
  9. A Perfect Day
    Allery Burn
  10. Aires De Pontevedra
    Teams Spirit
    Reynard’s Slip
  11. Bill Charlton’s Fancy
  12. The Touch Of The Master’s Hand
    Mrs. Jamieson’s Favourite

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“What We Do” - Kathryn & Peter Tickell

(Hope to get back to this one soon…)

What We Do - Kathryn & Peter Tickell

What it says on the tin - a compilation of numbers played by Kathryn and her brother Peter, who have often done gigs as a duo. Kathryn plays Northumbrian pipes and fiddle, Peter plays fiddle and guitar, and there are rare vocals from Kathryn, who sings “Here’s The Tender Coming” and “Willie’s Away To Jeddart”, and recites a touching verse monologue called “The Master’s Hand”.

All very nicely done and played. This was issued by Resilient Records in 2008.

You’re not going to get many tunes to link through to those on this database, if you include the composer names! Comments section is the place for that, if you want to inclde that info.

What We Do - Kathryn & Peter Tickell

Thanks, domnull - that’s done.

Here are the TUNES on this disc by NAMED COMPOSERS:

Track 1: Cameron Highlanders, by James Scott Skinner

Track 2: Snowy Monday, by Willy Taylor

Track 3: Tiger’s First Bird, Ettrick Reel, both by Kathryn Tickell

Track 4: Soundcheck Slip, by Kathryn Tickell

Track 5: Alan & catherine’s Wedding Jig, by Kathryn Tickell;
Music For A New Crossing (Part 2), by Kathryn Tickell
& Andy Sheppard

Track 6: Whinham’s, by Robert Whinham

Track 7: Gypsy’s Lullaby, by Billy Pigg; Steve & Jenny, by
Kathryn Tickell; Billy Pigg (i.e., Billy Pigg’s Hornpipe),
by Billy Pigg

Track 8: Come With Happy, by Rachel Cross

Track 9: A Perfect Day, Allery Burn - no attribution on tune list,
but I assume they are by Kathryn Tickell

Track 10: Teams Spirit, by Peter Tickell; Reynard’s Slip, by
Kathryn Tickell

Track 11: Bill Charlton’s Fancy, by Billy Pigg

Track 12: The Touch Of The Master’s Hand (recitation), by Myra
Brooks Welch; Mrs. Jamieson’s Favourite, by C. Grant.

Kathryn and Peter Tickell - “What We Do” - Some good stuff on here!.

On listening more to this album, one tune in particular hit me as startlingly good - Kathryn’s composition Allery Burn, a slip jig that she plays fast on Northumbrian pipes with Peter accompanying on guitar. Every now and then she really does hit gold as a composer, and Allery Burn is one of the hits as far as I am concerned.

I agree with Nicholas -- the Allery Burn set is wonderful. Must get round to transcribing it… 😉

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