Round The House And Mind The Dresser: Irish Country House Dance Music

By Various Artists

  1. Come To The Fair
    Sixpenny Bit
    The Barren Rocks Of Aden
  2. Mike Sullivan’s
    Tom Billy’s
    The Twenty-One Highland
  3. Sean Hayes’
    If There Weren’t Any Women In The World
    Statia Donnelly
  4. Gan Ainm
    Limerick Races
  5. The First Of May
    The Last Of June
  6. Gan Ainm
  7. Casey’s Favourite #1
    Casey’s Favourite #2
    Casey’s Favourite #3
  8. Padraig O’Keefe’s
    Going To The Well For Water
  9. Gan Ainm
    Gan Ainm
    Lord Moira
  10. The Stack Of Barley
    Bantry Bay
  11. The Road To Ballisadare
  12. Shoe The Donkey
  13. She Hasn’t The Thing She Thought She Had
    The Cat In The Corner
  14. McDermott’s
    Memories Of Sligo
  15. The Worn Torn Petticoat
    Denis O’Keefe’s Favourite
  16. Katy Jones
  17. Mrs. Kenney
  18. Up And Away
    The Merry Girl
  19. Julia Clifford’s
    Bill The Weaver’s
  20. Marquis Of Huntley
  21. Stack Ryan’s
  22. Batt Henry’s Favourite
    Gan Ainm
  23. Reagan’s
  24. The Versavienna
    Pull Down The Blind
    Gan Ainm
  25. The Return Of Spring
    The Mountain Pathway
  26. The Flowing Tide

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Round the House…

Performers include: Michael Coleman, Johnny Doherty, Johnny O’Leary, Jimmy Power, Julia Clifford, The Flanagan Brothers, Hugh Gillespie, Paddy Killoran, Frank Quinn. Some tracks taken from 78s have been digitally remastered.
Topic Records, 2002

Like The Wheels of the World Vol 1&2, I found Round The House in the music inventory of You can purchase it through the link to Amazon if it is available there, to support this site.

I have a particular liking for old recordings, the earlier the better.

Track numbers

There is a minor error in the track numbers in this tune listing. The correct listing is:

Track 2: “Mike Sullivan’s/Tom Billy’s (Fling and hornpipe for the set)”
Track 3 : “The Twenty-One Highland (Fling for the highland)”
Track 4: “Sean Hayes/If There Weren’t Any Women in the World (Tunes for the Barndance)”
Track 5: “The Little Fair Child (Song Air for the Old-Time Waltz)”
From then onwards add 2 to the listed track numbers. There are 28 in total.

(=) refers to the incorrect order in the ‘Details’

1.) Erin’s Pride Orchestra
2.) Johnny O’Leary
3.=2.66) Johnny Doherty, “The Twenty-One Highland”
4.=3) Gene Kelly
5.=3.66) Jimmy Power, “The Little Fair Child”
6.=4) The Four Provinces Orchestra
7.=5) Rose Murphy
8.=6) Tommy Healy & Johnny Duffy
9.=7) Garyowen Irish Recording Orchestra
10.=8) Julia Clifford
11.=9) Flanagan Brothers
12.=10) Michael Coleman & J.P. Dolan
13.=11) Rose Murphy
14.=12) Hugh Gillespie
15.=13) Gene Kelly
16.=14) Paddy Killoran & Paddy Sweeney
17.=15) Johnny O‘Leary & Maurice O’Keefe
18.=16) Frank Quinn
19.=17) Johnny Duffy
20.=18) John McKenna & Michael Gaffney
21.=19) Julia Clifford
22.=20) The Four Provinces Orchestra
23.=21) Bernard O’Sullivan
24.=22) Paddy Killoran & Paddy Sweeney
25.=23) Terry Teahan
26.=24) Michael Gorman
27.=25) James Morrison
28.=26) Billy Clifford

Re: Round The House And Mind The Dresser: Irish Country House Dance Music

Just changed a few tunes misnamed on original recording, (and on Spotify, where I’ve just been listening).
So they now also link to the correct ones on the site.
track 2 “Mike Sullivan’s” is actually "Behind The Ditch In Pairc Anna
track 5 (shown 3-3 above) “The Little Fair Child” is actually “Statia Donnelly” played as a walrz
track 14 (shown 12 above) is the Mazurka version of “Shoe the Donkey”

Correcting the original tune listing to the correct numbering as listed by “ceolachan” would be good, but looks far too daunting and time consuming, and maybe no easy task ? (Jeremy ?)

Re: Round The House And Mind The Dresser: Irish Country House Dance Music

I edited tune 2 from track 1 as it’s Johnny Spillane’s Favourite.

Re: Round The House And Mind The Dresser: Irish Country House Dance Music

The second tune of track 8 but is actually track 10 is Going To The Well For Water. I have edited this tune.