The Piper Calls The Tune

By Joe Finn

  1. Alex Menzie’s Clog
    The Mills Are Grinding
    The Bag Of Potatoes
  2. The Girl From The Big House
    Petticoat Loose
  3. Smash The Windows
    The Low Road To Glin
    The Daisy Field
  4. Eleanor Plunkett
  5. Munster Grass
    Saunder’s Fort
  6. Spike Island Lassies
    The Kerryman’s Daughter
    The Second Window
  7. Do You Want Any More?
    The Rakes Of Kildare
  8. Paddy’s Rambles Through The Park
  9. Spellan The Fiddler
    The Tailor’s Twist
  10. The Widow’s Daughter
    Bare Haven
    The Boy On The Hill Top
  11. My Mind Would Never Be Easy
    Elizabeth Kelly’s
  12. The Spey In Spate
    Patsy Hanley’s
    The Baltimore
  13. The Lark In The Clear Air
  14. The Gooseberry Bush
    Butter And Peas
    Tie The Bonnet
    The Connaught Heifers

One comment

Lovely tunes, beautifully played on pipes and flute.

Very lovely CD. Great selection of tunes - mostly common - played sensitively- without the frantic pacing of some pipers. A delight to listen to. Some lovely flute-playing as well.
Thanks, Joe.