The House Band

By The House Band

  1. The Tornado Two-Step
    The Cooper
    The Woodpecker
  2. Here’s The Tender Coming
  3. Major Harrison’s Fedora
  4. War Party
    Lost Night
  5. An Erminig Hag An Greskenn
    The Anti-Social Worker
  6. The Pitman’s Grievance
  7. E I Ah Could Hew
  8. Green Fields Of Canada
    The Amalgamation
  9. Cawsand Bay
  10. The Swallowstail
    Lady Charlotte Campbell’s
    Gordon Campbell’s

Five comments

An album that brings back memories to me of sessions and great times in Edinburgh in the mid 1980’s. The first album by this band with Ged Foley (guitar, vocals), Iain Macleod (mandolin, vocals), Chris Parkinson (melodeon, piano), Jimmy Young (flue, small pipes). Jimmy Young was a great influence on my own flute playing, and a composer of great tunes

The House Band

I used to love seeing the House Band in concert. They were fantastic. Don’t have this album though and didn’t know of this line-up. Sounds great!

Saw them in Durham in the 80s. Very good indeed. Chris Parkinson played a doctored Hohner Pokerwork D/G (I assume) melodeon that could play fast and fiery jigs and reels in a way and with a sound that’s difficult or impossible on an ordinary one. Ged Foley is a respected musician who did folk clubs with singer Jez Lowe more than thirty years ago in the Co. Durham area.

I remember the first time I went to a folk club in 1977, Hartlepool and the act was local boys Jez Lowe and Ged Foley. I saw Ged as part of Patrick Street a couple of months ago in Newcastle Irish centre.

More mistakes from “”.

The line-up on this album was as Niall has posted above, not as stated in the “” so-called “biography” above.