By Máirtín O’Connor, Cathal Hayden, Seamie O’Dowd

  1. The Boys Of Coonamore
    Tongs By The Fire
    The Hunter’s House
    The Rose In The Garden
  2. Catwalk
  3. My Mind Will Never Be Easy
    The Doohoma Slip
    Fast Boat To Kowloon
  4. Cedars Of Lebanon
  5. Pat’s
    Begley’s Frolick’s
    Dance Of Life
  6. Flowers In The Wind
  7. The Geantrai Set
  8. The Liverpool
    John Mosai Mc Ginley’s
  9. The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheeba
  10. Farrell O’Gara
    The Galway Rambler
    Tim Dillon’s
    Come West Along The Road
    The Glass Of Beer
  11. The Road Together
  12. Barley And Grape Rag
  13. The Humours Of Tulla
    Last Night’s Fun
    The Wise Maid
  14. As I Roved Out

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Released in 2008, a good few composition by Mairtin O’Connor. A live act to see!

Track #4….

….. is a song by Thom Moore, formerly of "Pumpkinhead", who wrote it in the 1970s. Expertly sung here by Seamie O’Dowd. It is not the reel to which it is automatically being linked.
I really liked Martin O’Connor’s "Geantrai" reels, [ Track #7 ], and the playing is great throughout, maybe just a wee bit fast for my personal taste, - would love to hear them live.

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