Beggar Boy Of The North

By Greg Stephens And Crookfinger Jack

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  1. Canny Cumberland
    Yorkshire Lasses
    The One Horned Sheep
  2. Never Love Thee More
    Cumberland Nelly
    John Peel
  3. Lonsdale
  4. The Northern Lass
  5. Liverpool
    Keswick Bonny Lasses
  6. The Willow Tree
    Corn Rigs
    Nanny O
  7. Old Lancaster
  8. Chester Waits
    Farewell Manchester
  9. The Begger Boy Of The North
  10. The Bishop Of Chester’s
    Andrew Carei
    Drop Of Brandy
    Mad Molly
  11. Jenny My Blithest Maid
    The Glory Of The North
    Northern Nanny
  12. The Cantsfield

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Traditional music from the Northwest of England featuring a number of tunes listed here on this site.