Up And Coming - Ó Ghlúin Go Glúin

By Oisín And Conal Hernon

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Up and Coming by The Hernon Brothers

Oisín and Conal O’hIarnáin are an accordion and banjo duet (respectively) from Inis Mór off the west coast of Ireland. And a very young one they are, Oisín being 16 and Conal only 13!

For me, the opening tune was all I needed to hear and the album was sold to me. I’m a big fan of the Dwyers of Co. Cork and the first track includes one of Richard’s tunes, one I’ve never heard before. It sets great expectations for the rest of the album which are definitely fulfilled to the lover of box and banjo duets. There is great strength in both their player. Oisín has been clearly influenced by the great Joe Burke. I reckon Conal has been influenced by Enda Scahill. He is a steady player but hasn’t taken on a style like Enda’s, give him a year or two!

Both have one fleadh competitions solo and in group competitions. There is a fantastic selection of tunes on the album, by anyones standards. Its worth noting that the tunes on track 12 are two jigs written by Conal and played solo by him. Quite an achievement at such a young age.

Carl Hession provides suitable piano accompaniment.

The final track is actually a rave song, and a good one if any of you young readers like rave music. But its played on accordion with the usual synthesized mixes which raves includes. An interesting addition to an album which could be considered purely traditional in style.

I’d recommend it those who are interested in solid, lively and mature banjo and accordion playing from two youthful brothers who are indeed “up and coming.”

PS Sorry for the length, I’m in a strange frame of mind. Not drunkenness but something similar.

Re: Up And Coming - Ó Ghlúin Go Glúin

No comments in 12 years, but I have to share this. I got this CD through eBay a few days ago, and was driving in to Aberdeen for a dentist appointment, when I had to stop at traffic lights. I’d been listening to this CD, and stopped it to avoid distractions. A taxi pulled up beside me in the right hand lane with the window down, playing some techno-type music, fairly loudly. I though what the hell, and put the lads on again, not trying to compete or anything, but just for a bit of fun. After about 10 seconds or so, yer man in the taxi switches HIS music off, so for about another 10 seconds was listening to the Irish music played by the youngsters here ! Either I’ve converted an Aberdeen taxi driver to the true musical path, or more likely, he thought “what the f*** is that ?”. Unfortunately, I hadn’t got to the final track patrickcummins mentions above, or I would have played that back at him. At least he had the curiousity to give it a listen, but the whole episode amused me greatly.
The standard and quality of the playing on this recording is very high for musicians so young. I hope they are still playing music now some 13 years later since the recording was made. I especially liked the slow airs played on accordion, not something I’m usually keen on.

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