An Sliabh Glas

By Tony O’Rourke

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An Sliabh Glas

A selection of traditional Irish tunes, some performed on guitar, some on banjo,with guitar or bouzouki accompaniment. There are also 2 Nth American "flatpick" tunes from the Appalachian tradition. Instuments used are:
Guitar: Martin HD-28
Banjo: Buckmaster Custom Made 17 fret(GDAE)
Bouzouki: Ray Black long neck(GDAD)

track 14b
if you type it as Christy Barry’s No. 2 you should get a link

The other way to get it to link is to add your mispelling (Chrisy etc) to the alternative titles of the tune in question. THink I know which would be the better.
"Christy Barry #2 is "The Butlers Of Glen Avenue" composed by Anthony Sullivan"