By Skelpaig

  1. Hughie Rory MacKinnon
    Dusky Meadows
    Malt On The Optics
    The Stone Frigate
    Dancing Feet
  2. The Old Woman’s Dance
    Kenny MacDonald’s
    The Kitchen Maid
  3. Up And Doon The Lift
    The Early Boat
    Sandy Brechin’s Loose Change
  4. Serenade For Bombarde, Banjo And 120 Bass Accordian
    I’ll Have To Go
    Balls To Hall
  5. Breton Scottish 1,2 And 3
  6. Midge Eaten
  7. Custy’s
    Donald The Hall
    Up The Hill To Bolshan
  8. Leaving Glen Urquhart
    Susan MacLeod
    The Fiddler
    Roddy MacDonald’s Fancy
  9. Neil’s Wee Tune
  10. Farewell To Chernobyl
    Monaghan Twig
    Fiona Beaton Rock N’ Roll Fiddler
  11. The Brechin Strum
    Dave Sutherland’s Favourite
    Cheers Harry
  12. Andy De Jarlis
    The Tipsy Sailor
    Bog An Lochan
    As A Toiseach
    Primrose Lass
    Sir Reginald MacDonald