Goose Music

By Saltfishforty

  1. Father Kelly’s
    Reel For Carl
  2. Red Diesel
    Mutton Bannocks
    The Silver Penguin
  3. Song For Ali
    Tune For Ali
  4. Short Day Blues
  5. The Orkney
    Hattie Man O Ree
  6. Watersound Shore
  7. Highland Park
    Highland Park Song
    The Breck
  8. Marie
  9. Twelve Bar In G
  10. Tongadale
    Star O Munster
  11. Tabasco Twist
  12. WoolyPig
    Olsons Wedding
    A Birsay Haddock
  13. Closing Time Song
    Closing Time Tune

Two comments

The Orkney Hornpipe

Due to an unfortunate typo on the listing for track 5, the transcription for The Orkney Hornpipe is not automatically linked. If you’re looking for it, I’ve posted it here:

The Portsmouth Hornpipe

There are two tunes with Father Kelly’s as the name. It has linked the wrong one.

The tune they play is this (I believe):