Cherish The Ladies: Irish Women Musicians in America

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Cherish The Ladie’s 1st Album (Before they were a “Band”)

I was once talking this album over with a newbie to Irish Music, his retort was that he had no time to waste on an album made by a bunch of angry women. I was kind of perplexed and asked if he had ever heard them (of course he hadn’t). The truth is that they are not “angry women”, anyone whose had the good fortune to meet Joannie can atest to that. But this album in my book is more of a loose showcasing of some splendid players than a Band.
The Tunes are good & traditional and just about every common traditional instrument has a solo track (ven two sean nos pieces) This album is a very good primer to the music as well as an enjoyable listen.
The reel “Kilty Town” (Charlie Lennon Tune) is listed as “Kitty Town” on the album, I posted the tune names verbatim from the sleeve notes.

Johnny Doherty’s

The Johnny Doherty’s that appears on this album is a slide, right now there is a reel by that name in the session database. I’ll try to transcribe this tune & post it to avoid confusion.

Back Door_ Cherish the Ladies

Anyone have the listing?

Who’s who………..

Track 1 – Liz Carroll [ fiddle ], Mick Moloney [ guitar ]
Track 2 – Joannie Madden [ flute ], Kathy McGinty [ fiddle ], Mary McDonagh
[ accordion ], Lori Cole [ piano ]
Track 3 – Patty Brosnan & Laura MacKenzie [ flutes ], Daithi Sproule [ guitar ]
Track 4 – Bridget Fitzgerald
Track 5 – Paulette Gershen [ tin whistle], Gerry O’Beirne [ guitar ]
Track 6 – The Maureen Glynn School Of Irish Music
Track 7 – Eileen Ivers [ fiddle ] , Mark Simos [ guitar ]
Track 8 – Eileen Clohessy, Maureen Doherty [ tin whistles ]
Track 9 – Joannie Madden, Pauline O’Neill, Maureen Doherty, Mary Rafferty
[ flutes ], Kathy McGinty, Rose Conway [ fiddles ], Mary McDonagh,
Patricia Conway [ accordions ], Eileen Clohessy, [ tin whistle ]
Lori Cole [ piano ]
Track 10 – Rose Conway [ fiddle ], Mick Moloney [ guitar ]
Track 11 – Treasa Ui Cearuil
Track 12 - Joannie Madden [ tin whistle ], Lori Cole [ piano ]
Track 14 - The Maureen Glynn School Of Irish Music

I only have this on cassette tape - Track 13 is missing from the cassette sleeve.

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Track 13

Track 13 is by Pauline O’Neill on flute and Lori Cole on piano.
“The Shaskeen” is not the reel, but a jig by that name.

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