A Breath Of Fresh Airs

By Ian Hardie

  1. Cheviot Blast
    The Poetic Milkman
    Kelsae Brig
  2. The Bullring
    The Omnibus
    The Tuneless Clock
  3. The Junction Pool
    The Duke’s Dyke
    The Eight Sided Square
  4. The Damside
    Bowmont Water
    Border Worthies’ Burns Club
  5. Pipe Major Reverend Joe Brown
    The Cleek
    The Flooded Goat
  6. Catch-a-penny Fox
    The Red Herring
    Venchen Circle
  7. Old Bean
    Hospital Wood
    Auchope Cairn
  8. North To England
    Hoselaw Chapel
    The Black Hag
  9. Schoolroom Pipers
    Yetholm Haugh
    Tobermory Wedding
  10. The Late White Swan
    The Leg-up
    Tanner’s Swee
    The Hen Hole
    Mabon Of Torwoodlee

One comment

First solo album by one of the fiddlers with Jock Tamson’s Bairns