Kornog (LP)

By Kornog

  1. There Lived A Knight In Jesuitmont
  2. Suite D’an Dro
  3. Helen Of Kirkconnel
  4. Gavottes Montagne
  5. Marche De Mur De Bretagne
  6. Son Ar Rost
    Ton Ar Bonomig
    Ton Bale Ar Vro Fanch
  7. Trugarekaad Ma Dous
  8. Cruel Brother
  9. Suite De Loudieg
    Rond Baleu
    Rond Le Fils Du Roy

Four comments

The first recording by this great group and difficult to find now (not sure it’s ever been released on CD). A number of the tracks on this found their way on to the live album, confusingly called “Premiere”. The title of this album should not be confused with Korong, their 5th and last album

Great LP and availible as CD at Amazon…

Re: Kornog (LP)

It’s now on iTunes Apple Music (and also their other recordings) 🙂

Re: Kornog (LP)

Ooops ! 🙁( sorry for this false hope : it’s a mistake of Apple Music : although the release date mentioned, 1983, is the one of the LP, it is in fact “Korong“, their last CD, but with an alternative picture (there’s also the other version, twice, displayed as "Compilation“).