The Spectacle Bridge

By Michael Hynes And Dennis Liddy

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  1. Knockauns
    The Spectacle Bridge
  2. The Lilting Fisherman
    Gan Ainm
    Gan Ainm
  3. McHugh’s
    The Caucus
    Peter Flanagan’s
  4. Fonn An Chéitinnigh
  5. Gan Ainm
    Annie Russell’s
    Gan Ainm
  6. Sean Dwyer’s
    The Kildare Club
    Come Into The Town Fair Lady
  7. Willie Clancy’s
    Kitty Sean Cunningham’s
  8. Gan Ainm
    The Drummer Boy
  9. Ballyvaughan Bay
    John Byrt’s
  10. The Dovecote
  11. Micho’s Mason’s Apron
    Jackie Coleman’s
    The Edenderry
  12. Mrs. Kenny’s
    Danny Meehan’s
  13. Smokey Chimney
    The Flowing Tide
  14. Paddy Kilourhy’s
    The Smithstown Jaunt
  15. The Shannon Breeze
    Miss Dunbar

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More Pure Drop Traditional Music

Continuing from their excellent earlier CD, "Waifs and Strays," Hynes and Liddy offer sensitive and accomplished playing from North Clare. Michael has written several tunes and some are presented here. There is a bit of whistle playing and some solo fiddle, but mostly traditional fiddle and flute duets with light piano backing.
This CD is to be welcomed for the absence of special effects and the natural quality of the recording and the music. This CD brings to mind and is comparable other wonderful CDs from the same general area: "Happy to Meet," which also offers traditional flute/fiddle duets by two great players: PJ Crotty (RIP) and Jame Cullinan. And "A Clare Conscience," with Aidan MacMahon and Anthony Quigney (Donncha Moynihan).
Buy them all!