Hauling Home

By Yankee Clipper

  1. Lady Anne Montgomery’s
  2. Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
  3. Winnifred’s
  4. Suzy Anna
  5. Keel-Hauling Medley: Jigs
  6. Bound Out On A Whaler
  7. Strike The Bell
  8. The Connaught Heifers: Reels
  9. The Coast Of Peru
  10. The Red Star Line: Reels
  11. The Height Of The Hill
  12. Lament For The Landlocked Whale
  13. Paddy Stacks Medley: Jigs
  14. Home Dearie Home
  15. The Fireman’s Lament
  16. Hauling Home: Hornpipes
  17. A Sailor’s Hymn
  18. Let Union Be
  19. O’Dowd’s Reel No. 9

One comment

Originally the air of an English song called "Strike the Bell".

Later used in Australia as the air of a song about about sheep-shearing called: "Click Go the Shears", popularised by Rolf Harris.

Useful in set of tunes for any dance requiring 16-bar hornpipes - particularly if there are any Australians present, who always seem to know it.