For Each New Day

By Jennifer Roland

  1. Red Haired Lass
    Gravel Walk
    Mrs. Beatty Wallace
    Upside Down In Edencourt
  2. Peggy’s
    Jessie Ann’s Favorite
    St. Nicholas Boat
  3. This Flower I Pick For You
  4. Miller Of Drone
    Editor’s Favorite
    Neil R. Mac Donald’s
    The Hurricane
    The Red Shoes
    Castle (Reel)
  5. Master Crowley’s
  6. Alyssa Crystal Dawn’s
  7. Allie Bennett’s
    Happy Face Glo
    Kyle Mac Neil’s New Fiddle
    Road To Cape Dauphin
  8. Linnea’s Lilt
    William Norbert’s
    5 Way Street
  9. Johnny Cope
    An Angus Chisolm Tune
    The Braes Of Tullymet
    Kam Valley Fiddlers
    East Of Neuk O’Fife
  10. Lewis’ Squak
    Gaelic College Of Cape Breton
  11. Sadie’s
  12. Lady Catherine Stewart
    House Of Hamil
    Maudabawn Chapel
    Mc Arthur’s Road