By Whirligig

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  1. Cape Clear
    Miss Patterson’s Slipper
    Jackson’s #1
  2. A Fair Maid Walking
  3. Wink And She’ll Follow You
    The Back Road
    Left At The Bridge
  4. The Nobleman’s Wedding
  5. Mood Vertigo
  6. The Constant Lovers
  7. The Toyman’s Daughter
    The Abbey
    The Holly Bush
    Brendan Ring’s
  8. Gregorian Chant
  9. Through The Bitter Frost And Snow
  10. Revolution Earth
  11. Untitled Bird (hidden)

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Cast List

I ran across some great tune sets by Whirligig oh, about 5 years ago, featuring a very different line-up, but anyway I liked them so much I had a friend pick this album up at the Philly Folk Fest for me. It’s a different sound than the early recordings, but very interesting.

This album features just about everyone. Well the highlight in my view is Cillian Vallely, but Whirligig also includes Lisa Gutkin, Lisa Monticello, Matt Dariau, Paul Kovit, Yves Duboin, and Greg Anderson. Spin also has the guest artists: Steve Holloway, Jerry O’Sullivan, Brendan Dolan, Eamon O’Leary, Susan McKeown, Terre Roche, Eilis Egan, Rob Henke, Catherine Bent, Tom Zajac, and Zach Lester.
Quite the selection.

Well I haven’t been on the site too long so I’m not at all sure what else to write here. Whirligig’s NY based but they always seem to be in Dublin, so all of you out there go see their shows!!!