Chrissy Crowley

By Chrissy Crowley

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Tell us more, please.

Knock, knock……

Anyone home….? Who is Chrissy Crowley ? What does she play ? Why should we listen to this, or buy it ?


The above also applies to the other 3 recordings you’ve posted here, with no information at all. What’s the point ?

Chrissy Crowley

Chrissy Crowley is a fiddler from Cape Breton. She would be around 20 now. I know the CD was released when she was 17 but the majority of the tracks are from a demo she did when she was 15. She performs quite a bit at the Normaway Inn. She plays tunes and then explains the history of the tunes and Celtic music in general, which is where I heard of the demo. The demo was just a pre-recording process, I believe. She never released it as such. She sounds quite different now. Her intonation and embellishing are very strong and she has a great stage presence- fast playing, strong bowhand and very amusing. She has only been playing since she was 12, so her playing is commendable, to say the least.

I hope this is a sufficient description. She has a website, which you should look up. Her new tracks are on a myspace account though I forget the link.

Chrissy Crowley

I just checked her website, and it says she was born in 1990. That would make her between 18 and 19.