It’s Not Racket Science

By At The Racket

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Makes you smile!

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John Carty: Fiddle & banjo
Brain McGrath: Piano, tenor guitar, banjo
Seamus O’Donnell: Sax, flute, vocals
Michael McCague: guitar, tenor guitar, zouk

Another fabulous recording from At the Racket. A wider range of tune types and instrumentation than on it’s near flawless predecessor "Mirth Making Heroes". Case in point is Marcus Hernon’s waltzes on track 7. The swing is irresistible! The Kitty Got a Clinking set circulated on youtube for a while based on a pitiful cellphone video. The set gets the Racket treatment giving it a different feel than on (John’s brother) James Carty’s "Upon My Soul" album.

The band lets their hair down a bit on the Lady Anne set with John on fiddle while Seamus and Brian show their chops on flute and banjo for a lively set. A couple of other sets on the album appeared in different incarnations on John’s solo albums and fit well with the band sound.

A word about the songs: I’m probably like a lot of people on this site and don’t even bother uploading the songs from trad albums onto the ipod. Not so with these! My kids (3 & 7) demand them every time we get into the car!