Tunes For Practice

By Seamus Creagh

  1. Tuning
  2. The Kerry
    Maggie In The Wood
  3. The Brosna
    Dan O’Keeffe’s
  4. Hugh Travers’
    The Miller Of Glanmire
  5. The Merry Blacksmith
    The Maid Behind The Bar
  6. The Cork
    The Boys Of Bluehill
  7. Tatter Jack Walsh
    The Jug Of Brown Ale
  8. Jessica’s
    A Finnish
    Didi Cronin’s
  9. The Job Of Journeywork
  10. The Golden Keyboard
    Finbarr Dwyer’s
  11. The Old Grey Goose
  12. The Cuckoo’s Nest
  13. Art O’Keeffe’s
    Cuz Teehan’s
    Going To The Well For Water
  14. Farewell To Whiskey
    The Dark Girl
  15. Henry MacDermott Roe
  16. Crossing The Shannon
    The Dunmore Lasses
  17. Jerry’s Beaver Hat
    The Lilting Fisherman
  18. The Teetotaller
    The Ships Are Sailing
  19. Tuning
  20. The Ballydesmond Polka 1
    The Ballydesmond Polka 2
  21. Micko Russell’s
    Eibhlin Ni Riordáin
  22. The Eel In The Sink
    The Glen Of Aherlow
  23. The Kilfenora
  24. The Galtee Rangers
    The Glentaun
  25. The Woodcock
    The Kerfunten
  26. The Lonesome
    The Lonesome
  27. The Banks Of The Illen
    The Scartaglen
  28. An Luradán
    Sean Ryan’s
  29. The Plains Of Boyle
    Dinny O’Brien’s
  30. Toss The Feathers
    Toss The Feathers
  31. The Blackbird
  32. The Priest
    Mary Willy’s
  33. Miss McLeod’s
    The Sligo Maid
  34. Tom Billy’s
    Tom Billy’s
  35. Baker’s Well
    Seamus Cussen’s
  36. Gallagher’s Frolics
    The Idle Road
  37. Paddy Taylor’s
    John O’Mahony’s
  38. Matt Molloy’s
    Tommy Peoples’

Fifteen comments

“Tunes For Practice” by Seamus Creagh = Two CDs

CD 1 = tracks 1 - 18
CD 2 = tracks 19 - 38 (1 - 20)

Seamus Creagh Tutorial

Got my copy through the “tunesforpractice” website. Nice people to deal with. This is an excellent resource for fiddlers - you could do worse than to (ahem) emulate Seamus Creagh’s style, and the production here makes it easy enough to do just that. And I imagine it would be pretty useful for players of other melody instruments, too, for learning the tunes, of which there are quite a few. With material like this, who needs dots?

Good one.

“Seamus Creagh: Tunes for Practice”

Seeing as how I’d forgotten to add ~ EXCELLENT! 😎

Highly recommended, whatever your instrument… Seamus introduces each tune and plays it sweet and cleanly at a nice relaxed tempo, and if even a smidgen of it crosses the ether to lodge in your playing, well, that will be a good thing, lovely stuff… Thanks Seamus and a special thanks, a big hug and a kiss for Gretta…

I’ve already twisted a few arms to purchase this one and I’m not through with the twisting…

I got one of these as a gift for someone else. It is a real good collection of tunes and great to learn from. Thanks.

Track 8 Gan Ainm

Still being much the novice when it comes to the fiddle, I too have found the to be very valuable for learning tunes. Here is a transcription of the Gan Ainm tune from Kevin Burke that goes with Jessica’s and the Finnish Polka:

|:D F/2A/2 df|ed Bd|A B/2A/2 FA|BA EF|
D F/2A/2 df|ed Bd|AF EF|1D2DA,:|2D2 D2||
|:fA df|e/2f/2e/2d/2 Bd|fA df|e2 d2|
fA df|e/2f/2e/2d/2 Bd|AF EF|1D2 D2:|2D2 DA,||

Any corrections are welcome.

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Track 8 Gan Ainm

I forgot to ask, does anyone have a name for this polka?

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8c - Gan Ainm Polka

“Didi Cronin’s Polka #2” or “The Ballygow Polka” or just plain old “Gan Ainm”

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