Tunes For Practice

By Seamus Creagh

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"Tunes For Practice" by Seamus Creagh = Two CDs

CD 1 = tracks 1 - 18
CD 2 = tracks 19 - 38 (1 - 20)

Seamus Creagh Tutorial

Got my copy through the "tunesforpractice" website. Nice people to deal with. This is an excellent resource for fiddlers - you could do worse than to (ahem) emulate Seamus Creagh’s style, and the production here makes it easy enough to do just that. And I imagine it would be pretty useful for players of other melody instruments, too, for learning the tunes, of which there are quite a few. With material like this, who needs dots?

Good one.

"Seamus Creagh: Tunes for Practice"

Seeing as how I’d forgotten to add ~ EXCELLENT! 😎

Highly recommended, whatever your instrument… Seamus introduces each tune and plays it sweet and cleanly at a nice relaxed tempo, and if even a smidgen of it crosses the ether to lodge in your playing, well, that will be a good thing, lovely stuff… Thanks Seamus and a special thanks, a big hug and a kiss for Gretta…

I’ve already twisted a few arms to purchase this one and I’m not through with the twisting…

I got one of these as a gift for someone else. It is a real good collection of tunes and great to learn from. Thanks.

Track 8 Gan Ainm

Still being much the novice when it comes to the fiddle, I too have found the to be very valuable for learning tunes. Here is a transcription of the Gan Ainm tune from Kevin Burke that goes with Jessica’s and the Finnish Polka:

|:D F/2A/2 df|ed Bd|A B/2A/2 FA|BA EF|
D F/2A/2 df|ed Bd|AF EF|1D2DA,:|2D2 D2||
|:fA df|e/2f/2e/2d/2 Bd|fA df|e2 d2|
fA df|e/2f/2e/2d/2 Bd|AF EF|1D2 D2:|2D2 DA,||

Any corrections are welcome.

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Track 8 Gan Ainm

I forgot to ask, does anyone have a name for this polka?

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8c - Gan Ainm Polka

"Didi Cronin’s Polka #2" or "The Ballygow Polka" or just plain old "Gan Ainm"

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