Living Tradition

By David Brewer

  1. 11th Street
    Alsea Manor
    Leave It On The Steps
  2. The Lost Papaya
    Cafe Des Amis
    The Dead Craic Horse From O’Phuck
  3. Feisty Blonde Cow
    Natasha’s Russian Hat
    When Sick
  4. The Promise Ring
    Flagging Down Peter
  5. Letters
    McKenzie Pass
    Leaving Cape Byron
    Celtic Camp
  6. The Night Hawk
    The Slip End
    The Curse Of Danny Crawford
    Tyler’s Arrival
  7. Game Of Cards
  8. Fields Of Ostrich
    The Lies Of Lancashire
    The Watchmen’s Den
  9. Feumaidh Mi Falbh (I Must Leave)
  10. Jimmy Cline’s Gift: Jimmy Cline’s Gift
    Little Wood Chair
  11. Solstice Fire
    Aiden’s Deportation
    Princess Cake
  12. As I Roved Out
  13. The Red Box
    Steam Packet
  14. Lily’s
    Charlie Ford’s
  15. Glasena Kinglar
    Frolicking Caven
  16. Christina’s Journey