By John McGann

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  1. Greystone Harbor
  2. Marie Anne’s
    Bear Island
    Log Cabin
    Old Man, Old Woman
    The Woman Of The House
  3. Sligo Lament
  4. Shetland Jumper
    Message From Home
    Wise Up, Grumpy
  5. Honeybee
  6. Canyon Moonrise
  7. High Level
    Doc Harris
  8. Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin
  9. Smokey’s Foghorn
    The Island House
    Smokey’s Victory
  10. Dreaming West
  11. Under The Marquee
  12. Bonaparte’s Retreat

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Put out on Green Linnet in 1995, this album features a lot of John’s original tunes as well as traditional tunes, classical pieces, and some bluegrass. Guests include Evan Stover of Fiddle Fever on violin and viola, John Whelan of Kips Bay on accordion, members of Beacon Hillbillies, Jim Mouradian and Sharon McGann.

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