Flower & Iron

By Malinky

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  1. Pad The Road Wi Me
  2. The Broomfield Hill
  3. When Margaret Was Eleven
  4. Gan Te The Kye Wi Me
    The Cottongrass
  5. Dark Horse On The Wind
  6. The Shipyard Apprentice
  7. Sweet Willie And Fair Annie
  8. The Drunken Duck
    The Ronan Boys
    The Chattering Magpie
    The Famous Ballymote
  9. The Ploughboy And The Maid
    Give It A Wee Try
  10. Janice Leask Of Lerwick
    Why Should I?
    Jock Hosie’s Fancy
  11. Cavers Of Kirkcudbright
    Ruaraidh Mor’s Lullaby
  12. The Road Tae Drumleman

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Newest recording

Malinky’s newest recording, released October 2008. There’s a couple of changes to their usual lineup on this one:

STEVE BYRNE :: vocals, 8 and 10-string bouzoukis, guitars, jew’s harps, shruti box
MARK DUNLOP :: vocals, whistles, bodhrán, flute
FIONA HUNTER :: vocals, cello
MIKE VASS :: fiddle, guitar, vocals
DAVE WOOD :: guitar, bouzouki, vocals

(Also featuring Dougie MacLean on didgeridoo)

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There have been a number of changes in the band’s lineup over the years. This is just the current line-up.

I saw them at Celtic Connections this year in a 10 year anniversary concert with everyone who had ever played in the band there. It was magical.

I’m so jealous! That must have been tremendous. I’m hoping to catch them on their US tour soon. Yeah, I’m aware of their shifting line-up, I guess there’s really no ‘usual’ for them.

Also, I realized I put the title in wrong - whoops. Fixed now.

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