Callan Bridge

By Niall Vallely And Cillian Vallely

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The Brothers Vallely

A month ago, shortly after stalking Lunasa all the way to Schwensville, PA, I was fortunate enough to catch another performance nearby at Fitzgerald’s in Chicago. As a double treat Karan Casey and her band (Niall & Ed) opened the show. During this remarkable performance Niall & Cillian took some time out to play a few sets. Well, after hearing “Malfunction Junction” I just new I had to have this CD - but they had just missed being able to bring some with to the show. I was so bummed, I went and pre-orded it online; and I’ve been happy ever since.

The thing about the Vallely’s is that they have that bond of long association - they trill at the same time, they pause at the same time; they’re so well-matched note by note that on the CD sometimes one can’t tell if both are playing or not. It was fantastic to see in person and carries over well onto the recording.

Besides which, the album features the guitar playing of John Doyle, and Caoimhin Vallely on piano. This is the only time I have ever approved of piano in ITM, that’s just my preference but it should tell you the quality. Callan Bridge has several original tunes by Niall, and it’s worth buying just to have those. I’ve had this CD for 5 days and it’s already one of my favorites.


I couldn’t agree more.

My two favorites are Muirann’s Jig (named for Niall and Karan’s daughter) and Humors.

Count Me In

Muirann’s and “Humors” are my two favorites as well. We play Humors at one of the local sessions, I play it on the G whistle, which approximates the feel of Cillians F whistle, whilse still making it session friendly. At present I am the only peson I know who play’s Muiriann’s, I should make more of an effort to get the tune out there….great tune for sure.