By Éamon Doorley, Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, Julie Fowlis, Ross Martin

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  1. Da Bhfaigheann Mo Rogha De Thriur Acu
    Dhannsamaid Le Ailean
    Cairistion‘ Nigh’n Eoghainn
  2. Beauty Deas An Oileain
  3. Tha ’m Buntata Mor
    An Bairille
    Boc Liath Nan Gobhar
  4. An Eala Bhan
  5. Bu Chaomh Leam Bhith Fuireach
    Port Dealai
  6. Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda
  7. Gol Na mBan San Ar
    The Walls Of Liscarroll
    Alistrum’s March
  8. Duan Na Muiligheartaich
    Laoi Na Mna Mora
  9. An Coisir
    Chuirinn Mo Ghiollan A Dh’iomain Na Caorach
  10. Cailini Deasa Mhuigheo
    Eadar Alba Is Eirinn
    Mrs Ramsay Of Barton
    Tie The Bonnet Tight
  11. Pe In Eirinn I
  12. A Riogain Uasail

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This truly is a wonderful new album with a mixture of Irish and Scottish Gaelic songs and tunes from both traditions. Julie and Muireann have outstanding voices that fit well with each other and their accompaniment.

I left out any accents in the tune titles here for the purposes of searches and to speed up the submission but I will add them in the comments when I get the chance.

Track 2 should read ‘Beauty Deas An Oileain’.

This is a tremendously good album!

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Oops - just had a look at your profile again and I hadn’t realised you didn’t want to be called ‘Flossie’ until after I had already called you ‘Flossy’. Had I known I am sure I would have called you neither ‘Flossie’ or ‘Flossy’.

Is ‘Flosster’ ok?


I see that the powers that be have decided to change the name of the artists from as it is listed on the CD!

Ok then - The artists that feature on this CD are (in no particular order):
Ross Martin
Julie Fowlis
Eamon Doorley
Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh

‘Is ’Flosster‘ ok?’

Decidedly not!

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