Traditional Irish Accordion

By Tony MacMahon

  1. The Morning Dew
    Joe Cooley’s Fancy
  2. The Long Note
  3. The College Groves
  4. The Wounded Hussar
  5. The Wicklow
  6. The Dear Irish Boy
  7. Merrily Kiss The Quaker’s Wife
    The Gleanntan
  8. The Bank Of Ireland
  9. The Kid On The Mountain
  10. O Store Of My Heart
  11. The Old Grey Goose
  12. The Poor Scholar
    The Heather Breeze
  13. Sonny Broghan’s Fancy
    Brian O’Lynn
  14. John O’Dwyer Of The Glen

Three comments

Just the tunes

I used to listen to lots of large band recordings - Altan, Bothy Band, Dervish, and so forth. Then I started to prefer one or maybe two melody players and an accompanist. Lately I’ve started listening to lots of unaccompanied melody work. Soon I’ll listen to nothing at all, I suppose.

This is a great record of Tony MacMahon playing tunes. Just that. Lots of airs, which he does very nicely, and lots of standards, which sound good here.

Yep, nothing but McMahon soulfully playing. The only accompaniment being the basses which he plays. There is a strong drive on the opening track, tasty variations on tracks like The College Groves and some very personal input into his air playing. It’s no surprise he got tutored in playing airs by Seamus Ennis!

Tony MacMahon

Recorded in 1972 on the gael-lin label with sleeve notes by Seamus Ennis.
This was one of the first records of Irish music that I ever bought so Tony MacMahon is possibly the first Irish box player that I heard.
Tony was born in Milton-Mowbay, Co.Clare. His father played concertina and fiddle and was also a fiddle maker. Joe Cooley is known to have stayed in the MacMahon house and left his accordeon at the house when he left there. tony started playing Joe Cooley’s accordeon at the age of 15.

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