Borrowed Days

By Andrew And Margaret Watchorn

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  1. Keelman Ower The Land
  2. Flickorna Svensson
  3. Cold And Raw
    Scabbit Sheep
  4. Dunstan Carol
  5. Hesleyside
    Miss Jean Milligan
  6. Wild Hills Of Wannie
  7. Tweedside
    Little Fishie
    Dusty Miller
  8. Mrs Elizabeth Ann Dodd
  9. Schottis Efter Linus Augustsson
    Saddle Rock
  10. Whittingham Fair
  11. Archie’s Fancy
    Peacock’s March
  12. Linnen Hall
  13. Sandgate
    Lamb Skinnet
    Seven Stars And The Moon
  14. Josefin’s

Three comments

Nice - I’d not heard of these two.

Three Scandi tunes in it - that proves it’s Northumbrian trad…